Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

Commerical Upholstrey Cleaning

    Couch Cleaning Chicago offers Melbourne commercial furniture cleaning services. Do you want your bar or office to be appealing and inviting to your customers? We are there to help you. We provide professional and affordable commercial furniture cleaning. Focus on your business and we`ll take care of your clean appearance.

Our Commercial Furniture Cleaning Stages:

  • Inspection (defining condition of the furniture, highly soiled areas and best cleaning treatment);
  • Vacuuming (removing all the dust and physical particles to prepare for the main stage) ;
  • Shampooing (application of professional cleaning formula to interact with dirt and stains in the fiber). We use only best & proven professional cleaning solutions;
  • Steam-extraction (we employ commercial heavy-duty steam cleaning machine (up to 450psi) to get rid of all the dirt and stains and naturally sanitize the treated areas)
  • Deodorization (after treatment your furniture will have a light appealing smell welcoming your guests to seat on it);
  • Stain removal (included into cleaning session);
  • Scotchgard protection (creates a protective barrier against soil and makes your upholstery dirt resistant)* by request.

Our Commercial Furniture Cleaning Equipment

We only deal with top-rated commercial suppliers. We use only commercial top-ranked cleaning machines from our exclusive supplier along with best proven professional cleaning solutions. We deliver best cleaning results in commercial furniture cleaning.

Office Cubicles Cleaning Service

We also provide cubicles cleaning for offices in Chicago. With the help of professional highly efficient equipment we can help to revive the brand new look of your cubicles. Maybe there is no need to buy new cubicles for your office. Let us restore the new look of your office for you and your employees.

Office Furniture Cleaning Services:

  • Office Sofa Cleaning/Hotel Sofa Cleaning/Restaurant Sofa Cleaning.
  • Office Couch Cleaning/Hotel Couch Cleaning/Restaurant Couch Cleaning.
  • Office Chair Cleaning/Restaurant Chair Cleaning.
  • Conference Rom Chair Cleaning
  • Office Love Seat Cleaning/Hotel Love Seat Cleaning/Restaurant Love Seat Cleaning.
  • Office Recliner Cleaning/Hotel Recliner Cleaning.
  • Office Cubicles Cleaning
In Office Upholstery Cleaning

We provide on-site cleaning sessions, which do not interfere with your business needs. All the cleaning procedures are done in your office on a scheduled time. Smart cleaning program also allows to reduce drying time to meet all your business requirements.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee For Our Commercial Clients

We are completely focused on delivering best cleaning satisfaction. If there is something you are not happy about the cleaning – let us know. We will fix it immediately. We do not consider the job done till you are completely satisfied.

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